I'm Stephie Beth!

I'm a southern born gal who grew up (and still lives) in the Midwest and the mom of two beautiful and bombdiggity daughters! My fascination with food began many (err, I mean many) moons ago with my first Easy Bake Oven.

Some of my best childhood memories were spending summers on my Grandma Margie's farm. We would rise at the crack of dawn with the rooster and to the smell of my grandma's sausage gravy simmering on the stove top. My sisters and I would help my grandpa in the HUGE garden all day and giggle when he dunked us in the rain barrels. I'd pick fresh vegetables and fruits to take to my grandma and then help snap green beans and peel potatoes for a big family dinner. It was good old comfort food that was always from scratch made with fresh bounty from the earth and lots of love. 

I was fortunate to come from a family of wonderful cooks. As a little girl, I would often be underfoot in the kitchen helping my grandma cut homemade noodles or making homemade ice cream out of snow with my mom during that year we lived in a legit Laura Ingalls-Wilder-ish log cabin or watching my dad whip up his newest gourmet concoction.

​So, it was obvious I would go out and spend 18 years in the......corporate world. {record scratch}. Sometimes the obvious life choices are hiding in plain sight, eh? About 5 years ago, I took a huge leap of faith and launched Retro Dinner Diva. It's my little ol' locally owned Columbus, Ohio business that I built from scratch. While my mom, dad, and grandmas have passed on, their memories still live on in me. I truly look forward to bringing my love of food, cooking, and family to you.

Retro Dinner Diva works out of the commercial kitchens at the 1400 Food Lab (check it out). We are fully licensed, insured and ServSafe certified.